Symptoms Of Cancer, what to look for.

Other then heart disease, cancer is considered the number two disease. It is the most dreaded and common disease that may affect anyone any age.

Cancer occurs when a cluster of cells divide uncontrollably and invade other bodily tissues. Malignant cells may be transformed within the body when this happens it will then lead to cancer.

This type of disease may be inherited or it may develop in the course of one's life.

Because of the developments in medical technology, if detected early, most cancer types can be cured.

You just need to understand that it should be treated as early as possible. Furthermore, you need to know which symptoms to look for when a person has cancer.

Knowing about the symptoms and learning everything that you can about cancer will help you detect it earlier to avoid more serious complications that may lead to death. Take a look at the following general symptoms of cancer:

1. Loss of appetite.

This is one of the earliest and most common cancer symptoms. Also called anorexia, this symptom which is also a disease by itself can occur during the earliest stage of cancer.

Later on, it may lead to weight loss. This is also considered a normal body response when a cancer patient undergoes treatment.

Aside from the physical effects when a patient undergoes treatment, there are also psychological effects that a patient may suffer, such as loss of appetite.

2. Loss of memory.

Also during the treatment, a cancer patient may suffer memory loss. This may be after-effects of the treatment or it can also be caused by the disease itself. The length of time that the memory is lost may vary with every patient and it also depends on the treatment method used on the cancer patient.

3. Abnormal bowel movement.

This may include constipation or diarrhea. Any change in the bowel movement that is causing discomfort may be a symptom of rectal cancer.

4. Blood in the stool.

Although there are several reasons why there would be a spot of blood incorporated in the stool, it is better to consult a doctor as soon as this occurs. Hemorrhoids may also cause this but it can be a cancer symptom.

5. Wheezing and persistent cough.

If this is combined with other symptoms like blood in the saliva, an ache in the chest that does not go away and lung congestion, then these are symptoms of lung, head or neck cancer.

6. Anemia.

Anemia may be a symptom of cancer of the blood or leukemia. This is when there is a lack of red blood cells in the bloodstream.

Some of the effects of anemia are lack of breath and being overly lethargic. Just like some of the other cancer symptoms, anemia may be a direct effect of treatment on cancer patients.

In addition, a person can feel pain in the joints of the bones, paleness, bruising and bleeding.

7. Discharge from the breasts.

Breast cancer may have the following symptoms: a lump on the breast, unusual nipple discharge and a change in skin color.

Some discharge from the breast is quite normal but when you see that it is stained with blood or it is clear and sticky, then consult your doctor because these may be symptoms of breast cancer.

8. Cancer has a foul odor, tissue is rotting. Throat, lung or open skin tumor. How one could describe this smell... Unlike any smell that you may have smelled it is tainted open wound, Bacteria smell.

Note: A doctor might mistake a bad mouth smell as a bad tooth. My brother had two teeth pulled, before his throat swelled closed from cancer.

9. A skin mole or brown/black blemish that's not round and have irregular borders. Melanoma is a potentially serious type of skin cancer.   

As soon as any of the above symptoms are exhibited by a person, consult a medical professional the soonest time possible so that it may be treated in case the person indeed has cancer.