Cancer Bracelets For Cancer Awareness

One out ten people suffers from cancer. Lance Armstrong was the first cancer patient written in the history of cancer who was the first to wear a cancer bracelet. Lance wanted to tell the world about cancer.

He wanted the whole world to be aware of this dreadful disease. He thought of ways on how to communicate to the world the importance of how people need to be aware of this disease. And then one time, when he won the tour-de-France once again, he wore a very unique bracelet. And when people ask what was it for, he said that it was to let people know that he has cancer.

Lance was able to deliver his message to people because of the first cancer bracelet that he introduced to the world. He wanted to deliver a message through the forms of symbols. He was aware that communicating a message effectively is through the use of symbols and he chose a symbol that is close to people's hearts, and that is jewelry.

Jewelry and accessories have been very common to many people around the world. They are used for many purposes. Other races treat them as status symbols. If a person wears many jewelry and accessories, it could mean that he is rich and powerful. Other traditions also use them as a sign of fertility to men and women. If you wear many accessories, it would connote that you are more than able to provide or bear are child. However, many people wear them to enhance their appearances.

And then came the time that these jewelry and accessories were used to communicate a cause. During the time that cancer was on its peak because of the unhealthy way of living of many people, they since then have used jewelry and accessories to promote awareness for better prevention of the disease.

These started with brooches, pins and colored ribbons, and as time went by the cancer bracelets became the most popular symbols to promote awareness to people regarding the causes of many cancers.

Cancer bracelets are used to get the attention of many people and help in the finances needed to research about the cure of many cancer diseases. They enable the people to actively participate in supporting many institutions that study and help cancer patients.

Many cancer bracelets that are sold in the market are even made by cancer patients who are in the care of these institutions. Buying one is one way of helping them get the funds needed for researches and treatment.

Cancer bracelets are made of swarovsky crystals, pearls, gold, silver and even rubber. Those rubber bracelets may come in various colors and each color signifies a meaning. The pink bracelets are for breast cancer patients. Those that come in green color signify hope to cancer patients.

There are many cancer bracelets that are sold in the market. Even the Internet has millions of cancer bracelet designs to offer. Some even have a list of which institution supplied and made the bracelets. Some even have captions or a short prayer with them. The Internet is also a great source of information on how to choose the cancer bracelet that is best for a person.

Cancer bracelets are a cool way to promote awareness among people regarding the dangers, causes, treatments and prevention of cancer diseases. It would not harm if a person would avail one and wear it on his everyday activities. Aside from helping cancer patients, it will also help other people be aware of the dreadful disease. It will not harm to help with this cool and inexpensive option.